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Men's Brazilian Waxing Rockhampton

Hi and welcome,

My name is Andrew Thompson. I've been working on bodies for nearly three decades.

Men's Brazilian Waxing is a common treatment nowadays but despite this, it's easy for prospective waxing clients, especially guys, to become confused by all the crazy jargon - Manscaping, manzilians, boy-kinis - What does it all mean?

To help solve your woes, I've set up this dedicated page on Male Brazilian Waxing where you will find my prices, after care tips and loads of answers to all your questions.

Also, a new addition to this page is IPL pricing so that you have some more options. IPL is progressively permanent hair removal suitable for guys with dark hair, which means you will have less hair regrowing each visit. Similar to laser but nowhere near as painful, Brazilian IPL has become just as popular as waxing.

So that's the big sell 😊

I want to show you that removing men's body hair is one of my specialties, and I want you to walk through the door feeling comfortable, informed, and relaxed.

Call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202 if you have any questions or to make a booking. You can also book online.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Reef Studios Rockhampton

Styles & Prices ~ Rockhampton Men's Brazilian Waxing & Bikini Waxing

Men's Basic Bikini Wax

Men's Basic Bikini Wax at Reef Rockhampton

The Speedo Bikini, or basic bikini removes hair from the sides and top of your undies line but not from the genitalia. This style suits guys who wear briefs or Speedos and are happy with their leg and pubic hair. If you have a hairy chest and belly, I suggest leaving the top alone as it will look more natural.

Speedo Bikini = Wax $35 / IPL $45

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $40 / IPL $105
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

Men's Basic Bikini Wax

Men's 3X Boy-Leg Wax at Reef Rockhampton

The Boxer Bikini or boyleg bikini is the same as the Basic Speedo bikini but extends a little further down the leg. Popular with guys who wear trunk-style boxer shorts such as Tradies or Bonds stretch boxers. Can look a bit funny if you have hairy butt cheeks and don't get them waxed as well.

Boxer Bikini = Wax $49 / IPL $129

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $60 / IPL $125
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

Men's Athletic Brazilian Wax

Men's 3X Athletic Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton

A clean and simple style, the Athletic Brazilian wax is popular with active guys, e.g. cyclists, dancers, runners, who wear tight sports attire, and also with just average guys who wear traditional briefs or speedo underwear instead of boxers. Only the penis, scrotum and perineum are waxed, leaving the hair intact along the bikini line and belly. This eliminates worry about getting ingrowns from chaffing underwear elastic while still enjoying the maximum skin-on-skin sensitivity during sex.

Athletic Brazilian = Wax $55 / IPL $95

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55

Men's 3X Brazilian Wax

Some guys aren't comfortable about looking totally smooth down below but they still want to look neat and feel clean. That's where the 3X comes in. All that 3X means is that at least some hair is left above the penis. There are several variations on this style but often it comes down to how much hair we have to work with.

Men's 3X Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton  Men's 3X Wedge Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton

The Speedo 3X Brazilian is based on the Speedo Bikini wax but also removes hair from the scrotum, penis, base of penis shaft, & perineum for a clean and sexy feel.

The Wedge is a narrower version of the Speedo Brazilian. It is popular with guys who want to look their best while wearing very little or nothing at all and don't want to worry about hairy bits popping out the sides. The Wedge gives a slimming effect to bigger guys and also looks stunning beneath ripped abs.

Speedo or Wedge 3X Brazilian = Wax $65 / IPL $105

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $40 / IPL $105
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

The Boxer 3X Brazilian extends a little further down the leg than the Speedo 3X. Again, a top strip is optional. This style is popular with guys who wear stretch boxers and don't want hair poking through them.

Men's 3X Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton  Men's 3X Wedge Boyleg Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton

The Boxer Wedge extends further down the leg. This is another favourite for guys who wear trunk-style stretch boxer shorts.

Boxer 3X Brazilian (any style) = Wax $79 / IPL $149

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $60 / IPL $125
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

Men's 4X Brazilian Wax

Men's 4X Full Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton

It all comes off amigo! The 4X Brazilian is the most popular Brazilian wax style.

4X Brazilian - Wax $75 / IPL $105

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $40 / IPL $105
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

The 4X Boyleg is the same but extends further down the leg for guys who wear boxer shorts.

Men's 4X Full Brazilian Wax at Reef Rockhampton

4X Boyleg - Wax $89 / IPL $165

  • add bum crease + Wax $14 / IPL $55
  • add bum cheeks & crease + Wax $60 / IPL $125
  • add lower belly + Wax $10 / IPL $36

Tips & tricks ~ Rockhampton Men's Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

Men Brazilian shaving rash

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Common Questions ~ Rockhampton Men's Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

How much does waxing hurt?

As a general guide, the feeling is like being slapped with a plastic ruler and fades quickly. Follow up treatments are gentler than the first, as the hair bulb hasn't had time to fully re-develop.

Mens waxing review Yeppoon

I'm curious about getting the IPL instead of waxing. Can I find out more?

Sure. The IPL page is the biggest section of the website so to save replication here, head over to the PTF Hair Removal page.

Is Brazilian Waxing just for gay guys?

Not remotely. Maybe 10% of my clients tell me they're gay, another 10% bi, but the vast majority are straight. I assume that last figure because straight guys don't feel compelled to explain their sexuality.

I'm a cyclist and get itchy rashes down below. Should I get waxed?

I've written a special article about this. You can read it here:

Waxing of Intimate Areas for Male Cyclists

Men Brazilian review 1

How old do I have to be to get a Bikini Wax?

I will wax a guy's Speedo Bikini which is basically along the leg crease from age 16. I won't do a male Brazilian, i.e. any treatment of the scrotum or penis until age 18. Generally though, it's rare to get teenage guys asking for a Brazilian Wax. I think they like to retain their hair for a few years, perhaps in celebration of reaching adulthood. The desire to be smooth generally kicks off from early twenties with no upper age limit.

Will my Therapist be male or female?

Your therapist will be me, Andrew Thompson. I am arguably the most experienced Brazilian Waxing therapist in Australia.

I'm worried that I'll get a boner during my Brazilian treatment.

This is the big issue that guys never talk about. It's the main reason why most don't find the courage to get their first Brazilian wax. The reality is that new clients do get a boner about 80% of the time. That's fine and natural. I have no problem with that. It's only ever an issue when a client can't cope with his own reaction.

Sometimes I'll see a new client undergoing a bit of an internal crisis. He'll begin to go hard then his whole body will tense and sweat. He'll suddenly start babbling about his wife or girlfriend in an effort to convince me that he's straight. He's embarrassed by what his body is doing and he goes into panic mode. When this happens, I know he'll never get another Brazilian. He's terrified himself.

I find it sad when this happens because getting an erection doesn't necessarily mean you're 'turning gay' or being unfaithful to your partner or whatever. All it means is that you're having an adrenaline rush. Your senses are firing overtime. After all, you are lying naked in front of a stranger who is using oils and warm wax on your man bits while holding your penis to keep the skin firm. To be honest, I'm more surprised when guys don't bone up.

From my perspective, I prefer waxing an erect penis. It's easier and faster than waxing a soft one. You will also get a smoother result because the skin won't be as creased which can sometimes hide hairs.

Hopefully the above has resolved the last of your fears. All you need to do is lie there and find comfort within yourself, and that includes not beating yourself up over a reaction that's perfectly normal.

Professional Male Brazilian waxing therapist in Rockhampton

I only want a female therapist. How do I make sure I get one?

Every salon owner in the world knows that when a guy rings up specifically asking for a female therapist to do his Brazilian, then he's one of two things; a homophobe - which makes him unstable and probably violent, or a perve hoping to shoot his load while some innocent girl does his treatment - which makes him a sex predator. Don't be that guy.

If I get a Brazilian, will it increase sensitivity during sex?

Yes, dramatically. The difference is amazing.

I'm hung like a hamster. I'm stressed that you'll laugh at my package.

With all the hype about penis enlargements, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, it's no wonder that guys today are the most sexually insecure in history. It's all rubbish though and you definitely won't be judged. In any case, I'm only here to remove your hair, not give you a scorecard. If you want to know more about male sexual insecurity, here's an extended article I've written on my anatomy website:

Penis Fallacies and Realities

A friend said that guys who get Brazilians just want to look like little boys.

Hmm, yeah, that's a really weird thing to say, right? I've heard it a few times over the years and it still makes me cringe. As a father of four relatively sane now-adult children, I can assure you that the genitalia of a pre-pubescent boy looks nothing like that of a waxed man. A boy's tackle is just ... nothing, a couple of unattractive bumps that don't do anything. Does that really remind your friend of a waxed adult? Really? Sorry, but your friend has a kiddie fixation. Don't let them babysit.

Male Brazilian waxing Gladstone client review

What type of guys get Brazilians?

A lot of my male Brazilian waxing clients are professionals, tradies, and public servants. People in the public eye such as police officers, nurses, business owners, lawyers, politicians, and teachers are common. I also do a lot of truck drivers from the mines. Prison guards is a new demographic on the rise. It really is an 'Everyday Joe' thing.

Is Waxing Permanent?

No. Over years, waxing may have a general thinning effect but if you stop waxing, it will return to its previous state. If you want a more permanent solution, Reef has two options, Active Enzyme which is used in conjunction with waxing, or PTF Hair Removal which is a light-based treatment. Here are the links to each page:

Active Enzyme

PTF Hair Removal

Will I have to get on all fours to have a Brazilian?

No. A lot of places still ask clients to get on their hands and knees but I have no idea why. I will do my best to preserve your modesty at all times, and you won't need to get into any strange positions at all.

Can you do a waxing outcall to my home?

Sorry no, it would make the treatment too expensive. Wax pots take around 40 minutes to heat up, and I would have to charge for that time. If I preheat the pots, then I risk spillage during transportation, which again is a costly (and messy) affair.

Can I book a spray tan for after my wax treatment?

Unfortunately no. The after wax lotion will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. Ideally you should leave the after wax lotion on, then go for a spray tan in a day or two.

Men's Brazilian Waxing Rockhampton

What could prevent me having a treatment?

To save replication here, this article in the Reef Knowledge Base lists the contraindications and reasons why you may not be suitable for treatment.

Waxing Contraindications

Do I have to hold my own junk and wear one of those stupid paper g-strings?

No, I want your hands out of the way and there's no point wearing anything. Male genitalia has a lot of loose skin, and during waxing, it needs to be stretched firmly. I don't agree with the general policy in the industry that a male client has to hold his own skin tight, and nor that they should somehow do it through a fabric layer. It's crazy and dangerous and it's why so many guys get bruises and skin tears at other places. It also gives an untrained Therapist an excuse to blame the client when something goes wrong. My focus is on client safety, not the timidness of under-trained therapists.

A salon told me they were Reef Beauty Certified. What does this mean?

Some therapists come to me for training. They receive a certificate upon completion listing details of their particular level of skill. It is important to note that I only accredit individual therapists, not an entire salon. Any therapist making the claim that they trained with me will be happy to present their credentials.