Remedial Massage at Reef Studios Rockhampton


Hi and welcome,

My name is Andrew Thompson. I'm a diploma-qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and have been working on muscles for 20 years.

Nowadays, many people think of Reef as a hair removal clinic but its roots are firmly planted in Remedial Massage and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Remedial Therapies have always been my first passion. I love helping people to heal, to feel better, to share energy, and knowing that I'm making a real difference in their lives.

My prices and FAQ on Remedial Massage are further down the page so read on for all the info. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Reef Studios Rockhampton

Prices ~ Rockhampton Remedial Massage

30 Minutes$55
45 Minutes$75
60 Minutes$90

Questions & Answers ~ Rockhampton Remedial Massage

It's my first massage with you. What happens?

Remedial Back Massage at Reef Rockhampton
Soothing stiff muscles with Remedial Massage

When you arrive for your first treatment, you'll be given a consultation form to complete. Fill it out, paying particular attention to the medical questionnaire.

Be honest and don't hide any information as this could be dangerous to your health. I will then go through the form with you, asking questions where relevant, and then determine the reason for your visit. Once the consultation is finished, you'll be shown through to the treatment room.

You will be given towels then left to undress. You will find baby wipes on the side table if you feel the need to tidy up any sweaty areas.

Remember to remove any loose jewellery such as a necklace or watch, then lay on the table and drape the provided towel(s) over yourself. If you prefer to lay fully exposed without a towel, that's fine too.

The treatment will begin. All you have to do is relax and follow whatever instructions are given to you. Focusing on your breathing is a good way to calm your body throughout. Some people fall asleep during massage and that's perfectly OK. I will let you sleep unless there is a need to wake you.

Once the treatment is complete, I'll summarise any issues that I may have found and possibly recommend further treatments if needed. It is very common to feel quite sleepy after the treatment. Remember to drink lots of water in the hours that follow, and don't drive until your mind is alert.

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Are you properly qualified and experienced or have you just done a certificate course?

Rockhampton Remedial Massage 2I have two full diplomas from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, one in Remedial Massage, the other in Oriental Therapies. Around 3 years of full time study.

I graduated in December 2002 and was also awarded AAMT's coveted Queensland Massage Therapist of the Year.

Combined, all of these diplomas, certificates and awards qualify me to perform absolutely all aspects of Remedial Massage, Tui Na Massage, Sports Massage, Chinese Acupressure, Cross-Fibre Mobilisation (a.k.a Bowen Therapy), Zen Shiatsu, Floor Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Russian Massage, plus several strands of Thai Massage.

After my formal studies, in 2003 I began teaching massage and went on to publish several articles over the ensuing years, plus a monthly magazine called 'The Rubdown'. For the spiritually inclined, I am also a Seichim Reiki Master.

In 2004, I became the preferred therapist for several members of the Australian Cricket Team and that same year, I began putting other therapists in the field for mobile massage. In turn, we picked up preferred supplier status for several prestigious hotel chains including Treasury Casino, Marriott, The Hilton, Mercure, and Novotel.

I could go on for another hour but you get the idea. Re all the above, for the sake of keeping things simple on this web page, I'll refer to all of these modalities by the blanket term of Remedial Therapy.

Can I claim your treatments through my health fund?

Sorry, not at present.

Will you perform massage on someone with HIV?

Yes. As with all viruses where there is any risk of contagion, simply inform me during your pre-treatment consultation.

Will you perform massage on someone with cancer?

Remedial Massage Rockhampton
Relieving tight hip flexors with Remedial Massage

No. There is an unacceptably high risk of spreading cancer to other parts of the body due to elevated movement of toxins and lymphatic fluid during a massage treatment.

How do I know which type of Remedial Therapy to choose?

You don't need to. Over the years, all the different modalities I've trained in have just become a cluster of techniques to me. I combine all of them within a single treatment, drawing on what I need to achieve a particular result. Virtually every massage I perform includes aspects of Tui Na, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Remedial and Sports Massage. No two treatments are ever the same.

Will you perform outcalls to my home or hotel?

Possibly. It depends on your location. Some hotels also have restrictions on who is allowed to peform massage there. Call me and I'll see what I can arrange.

Will you perform massage on a pregnant woman?

Yes, after the first trimester.

I'm also a Remedial Therapist and desperate to find another to do mutual massage. Interested?

Yes, yes, a hundred times, yes.

I have a bike race this weekend. How should I plan my massage schedule?

Remedial Massage Race Preparation
Plan your massages carefully before events

Massage, just like exercise, causes micro-bleeding in the muscles. This process is natural - It helps muscles purge dead blood cells, re-oxygenate, and grow.

Before a big sporting event, athletes want their muscles in peak condition and train hard in lead-up to the race. Muscle recovery and stretching usually form part of that training.

The big key is to plan ahead. If you have a sporting event on the weekend, you don't want your muscles to be recovering from a hard deep-tissue massage just as you need them to perform.

Have a strong massage on the Monday then allow a few days for your muscles to recover. Low intensity training, combined with increased water intake, is a good way to help them clean out dead tissue released by the massage.

Then midweek, have a lighter massage. This way, your muscles will be in premium condition for the weekend's big event.

What's the difference between Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage?

Nothing. They are all the same thing.

What's the difference between Trigger Point Therapy and Chinese Acupressure?

Chinese Acupressure at Reef Rockhampton
Using Acupressure to alleviate muscular pain

These two modalities are similar in only one regard and different in every other way. Both involve pressing precise points.

Originally used to treat cramps in elite athletes during competitions as an alternative to Hydrocortisone injections, Trigger Point Therapy is an offshoot of Sports Massage.

Due to the urgency and intensity of this type of cramping, the Therapist will push their thumbs, knuckles, elbow - or really anything hard and pointy - into the belly of the muscle with the goal of shocking it so it will release.

On the other hand, Acupressure involves pressing precise points along the body's meridian lines, not only for muscle release but also to treat underlying medical conditions.

For example, pressing certain points on the bladder channel are helpful in treating neural and emotional problems and the reproductive organs. Many Acupressure points are on muscles but just as many are located on tendons, ligaments, nerves, and even bone.

Can you help with lymphoedema in the legs?

Yes, I have a combination treatment which has proven very effective in treating water and lymph retention in the legs, involving Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Acupressure of the spleen channel.